Our Philosophy

Our Mission & Vision

About Bavak - Our philosophy

In order to secure critical infrastructures it requires to have a fully integrated approach. This means the total combination of organisational, physical security and electronic security aspects. Every organisation has different requirements concerning security…

About Bavak - Our mission & vision

Our mission is to make the security risks of our customers manageable. Together with our customers we analyse what needs to be secured. We advice, develop, realize and maintain state-of-the-art security solutions. At Bavak the customer comes first…


Corporate Social Responsibility

About Bavak - Innovation

Our team is constantly working on the development of new innovations. Whether it is the development of our certified Speedgates or the unique combination of integrated security products for critical infrastructures…

About Bavak - Corporate Social Responsibility

Bavak Securitygroup acts as an inspirational institute for the IMCWeekendschool from The Hague. This is a school for supplementary education for young people between 10 and 14 years old, from underprivileged neighbourhoods.



About Bavak - History

In 1959, a company was founded in the Hague, The Netherlands by Fons Bakker. The company supplied professional clothing like branded overalls, hats and coats. Bavak was named after the combination of BAkkers VAKleding. During a family visit…


Proper certifications are a high priority for Bavak. In this area you will find more information concerning our quality certifications.

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