Perimeter Access Control for vehicles and people is the first line of protection. These systems protect the external perimeter of a facility and furthermore control the access to restricted areas. Security Systems include the control of for example persons, vehicles and materials through entrances and exits. Perimeter detection, which is also included in this segment, is the detection of access to the outer limits of a designated area via various solutions. Furthermore this whole system can also be completed with a wide and professional range of intrusion alarm systems.

In the following section you will find a brief section and examples of the Perimeter Access Control solutions Bavak has to offer.


Speedgates - Perimeter Access Control
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bollards - Perimeter Access Control
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roadblockers - Perimeter Access Control
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Arm Barriers

arm barriers - Perimeter Access Control
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Bavak Speedgates

The Perimeter Access Control line up consists of for instance Speedgates which are suitable for all situations. From car parks at residential complexes to high-security locations, the Bavak Speedgate ensures a save and selective access. The principles for the development of a Speedgate is reliability, quality and durability. For when it comes to Bavak Speedgates you may expect the utmost in security, as so do we. This goes from the “standard” Speedgates to the Speeddoors. Even more, both versions can be delivered with a tested resistance levels RC3 and RC4 according to NEN-EN 1627.

Bavak Bollards

Bavak High Security Bollards provide crash tested perimeter security to protect critical national infrastructure from a vehicle borne attack and VAAW’s (Vehicle As A Weapon). The Bollards allow entrances such as car parks, service areas and private roads only to be accessible for authorised vehicles and yet remain pedestrian permeable. Our Bollards can be Fixed, Removable or Automatic, and have been tested to the range of different certifications PAS68, ASTM2656, IWA14, DOS K4-K8-K12. BAVAK Standard Bollards are suited for traffic control and Parking Solutions.

Bavak Roadblockers

The Bavak Roadblockers are robust and safe. These Roadblockers can be installed in and on any road surface. They are ideal for high-security areas such as airports, banks, cash centres, Embassies, and Military areas. With a Bavak Roadblocker your entrance is well secured. The Bavak Roadblocker can work as a stand-alone device or in combination with an Arm Barrier or conventional gate. In the “up” position, the Bavak Roadblocker acts as an impenetrable barrier and forms a highly visible deterrent. While in the “down” position, the Bavak Roadblocker is no obstacle to passing vehicles.

Bavak Arm Barriers

The Bavak Arm Barriers are suitable for an effective security system and are an inexpensive and simple solution to close off the area. The Bavak Arm Barriers can be used for example at private parking’s, industrial terrains, level crossings, viaducts and bridges. These Bavak Arm Barriers are available in special designs such as a Barrier with a skirt above or below the arm, with an articulated beam mechanism and vandal proof. These Arm Barriers can be controlled via any Security Systems system.

Based upon many years of experience, our engineers have developed a unique set of quality products for the Perimeter Access Control domain. From simple Barriers for traffic guidance to high secure Speedgates, Roadblockers, and Bollards. Bavak will protect your perimeter, in any event.

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