Bavak Arm-barriers or boom gates are mainly used for entrances, and as a cost effective method of restricting traffic. The aluminium boom contains balanced weights to ensure safe and easy operation when opening and closing. These can be tailor-made for special needs and requests.

Why would you need an arm-barrier?

Arm-barriers are mostly used in a complete plan to restrict traffic. This can be for instance in private of commercial parking’s, industrial terrains, level crossings, viaduct and bridges or governmental areas.

The reasons to choose for a Bavak arm-barrier.

Manufactured from high quality steel and combining inverter drives and relay logic, all Bavak’s arm barriers guarantee smooth and consistent operation, even in the most demanding parking environments.

The Bavak arm barriers can be controlled from a manned security point or by the vehicle occupant by using a wide range of access control systems including for instance proximity cards, tokens, keypads and intercoms. In case it is combined with an induction loop or photocell, it ensures that the barrier arm will open/close smoothly, safely and efficiently upon activation when required. All Bavak arm barriers are reliable, sturdy and uncompromising, quick to install, simple to operate and very cost effective.

Add-on’s for Arm Barriers.

In almost all cases there is a wide variety of add-ons which can be utilized to make the barrier to match your needs completely. The following options are a short glimpse of the available options;

  • Barrier signage – warning and information signs like ‘STOP’ ‘NO EXIT’ or ‘NO ENTRY’,
  • Boom lights – LED lights installed on the barrier boom to highlight the barrier boom,
  • Traffic light system – Green / Red to signal go / no-go,
  • The articulated Boom – recommended for entrances/exits with limited height clearance.

All are available in special designs such as a barrier with a skirt above or below the arm. In case required even with an articulated beam mechanism. The barriers can also be delivered as vandal proof if needed. As you may expect, all the Bavak arm barriers can be delivered as a standard barrier, but also as a custom made.

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