Bollards are used to protect buildings and public spaces from being rammed by vehicles in attacks or accidental crashes. They are mostly used by governments, agencies and private businesses. A bollard usually consists of a steel post which is anchored into a strong subsurface to secure it at impact. It can be buried in the ground or secured on a self-locking taper or impact recovery system. This is to protect the surrounding foundations when a bollard is struck.

When used to complement new or existing architecture, bollards reinforce thematic visual cues At the same time it enhances a sense of security for the place within any neighbourhood or area. Any bollard from Bavak can also perfectly suit traffic control, particularly where vehicular access needs to be restricted during certain periods.

Fixed Bollards

Bavak Bollards | Bavak Securitygroup

Automatic Bollards

Automatic Bollards | Bavak Securitygroup

Sliding Bollards

Sliding Bollards | Bavak Securitygroup

Special Bollards

Special Bollards | Bavak Securitygroup

Temporary or permanently closed via a bollard.

In case there is an ‘opening’ needed in the line of bollards, you can choose for sliding or sinkable versions. When a bollard is in the in raised position it is highly visible and presents a robust barrier. Whilst in the lowered position it is completely flushed with the road surface allowing unhindered passage to vehicles. Though in case the rising and lowering is impossible, and you would require a non-permanent passage, we can supply the shallow mount solutions. These offer sliding bollards without compromising the safety in any way.

Even an Emergency Fast Operate (EFO) unit can be added as an option. All can be delivered as you require, meaning a full standard bollard, or a completely custom made.

Different technical possibilities for a bollard.

If the underground infrastructure does not allow deep or large foundations, the bollards can be placed as a shallow-mount system. This means that only a very small installation depth is required. This may be necessary, for example, with a very complicated soil structure, or when placing the bollard above an underground garage.

As you may require, all of our bollards come with various types of certification. This is  delivered to your needs. These certifications can be; PAS68, ASTM2656, IWA-14-1, K4 – K8 – K12.

Special Bollards.

Bavak delivers and places bollards in in a wide range. These can be made from different ranges of steel.  In case required these can also be powder coated to ensure lasting durability. There are also stainless steel sleeves as another option, and these offer clean aesthetics that will resist rust in corrosive environments. The decorative versions are another option. These reinforce separation and cohesion in landscape designs while increasing safety and walkability for pedestrians.

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