Roadblockers are designed to offer an impact-resistant barrier to vehicle access. Whether the requirement is for a simple, low cost rising kerb for relatively low volume usage or a heavy-duty, anti-terrorist Roadblocker for frequent operation, Bavak is your supplier. Bavak has over 40 years of experience in ‘roadblocking’ technology. The Bavak Roadblockers are available in various heights and widths and can be installed flush-mounted in and on any road surface.

Where are Roadblockers used?

The Bavak Roadblocker can work as a stand-alone device or in combination with an Arm Barrier or conventional gate. The Bavak Roadblockers are perfectly suited to ‘High Security’ areas. For instance airports, banks, cash centres, other financial establishments, embassies, customs, military areas as well as lorry and distribution depots. In the “up” position, the Bavak Roadblocker acts as an impenetrable barrier and forms a highly visible deterrent. In the “down” position, the Bavak Roadblocker is no obstacle to passing vehicles.

Shallow Mount Roadblocker

As one of the few Bavak can provide and install the Shallow Mount Solutions as well. These systems are used in case there is no option to go deep into the ground. This can be for instance when above a (parking) garage or when confronted with many cables or any other reason not to go into the ground too deep. This Shallow Mount Solution is a very effective and can be a cost-saving alternative.

Why would you choose for a Bavak Roadblocker?

The Bavak Roadblocker will be custom-made to suit your site requirements and is designed to meet the various weight classes (up to 20 tons in axle weight). An Emergency Fast Operate (EFO) unit can be added as an option. The drive system can be electro-mechanical (STE) or electro-hydraulic (STH), depending on the specifications. The Bavak Roadblockers confirm to the widely used classifications; PAS68, ASTM2656, IWA-14-1 and K4-K8-K12 and can be delivered with optional lights in case this suits your needs,  but also as a standard product.

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