under vehicle inspection systems

Whenever a vehicle stops at a secured location, the standard check can be performed in a fairly simple manner. However, the check on the ‘not immediately visible’ bottom of the vehicle is more difficult. With the Bavak Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS), the bottom of a vehicle is inspected in a fast and efficient manner.

Under Vehicle Inspection Systems

The under vehicle inspection systems (UVIS) serve to detect i.e. explosives, weapons, narcotics and other contraband goods. Manually inspecting a vehicle via mirrors, control pits and lamps is therefore a thing of the past. It is also possible with the under vehicle inspection system to detect hidden persons. This concerns people who have hidden themselves in a larger vehicle in order to gain access to a certain location.

How does the under vehicle inspection work?

The scanned images are directly send to an operator to be inspected and when necessary be saved. Through various image editing options, the operator has the possibility to inspect the image from the bottom and to manually add relevant information to the file. This under vehicle inspection can be coupled with a camera for license plate recognition (LPR) so that every vehicle (and the vehicles undercarriage) is automatically stored in the database.

A stationary or movable solution.

The under vehicle inspection system is available in a ‘portable’ (read movable) version and a version built into the road surface. We also offer the portable version in our extensive range of scanning and detection equipment.

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