Bavak delivers security for the critical infrastructure. The critical infrastructure is factored by the functioning of a society and / or economy. At the same time it depends on the availability and quality. For example, if water purification plants or power plants are sabotaged, society can be completely disrupted. It could well be that a terrorist activity is the cause. Moreover, events of this kind have an enormous impact on the safety perception of the population and on the national economy. As this is the case we must ensure that the probability of these kind of events are as small as possible.

Securing the critical infrastructure is a very complex matter. For example, an infrastructural facility does not have clear boundaries; it is often a network of facilities that are interconnected across the country. The security approach therefore differs from that for demarcated objects. Below is a brief summary of the possibilities that Bavak can provide in the area of ​​security of the critical infrastructure.


Roadblockers are designed to provide an impact resistant barrier to protect against non-authorised vehicle access. This roadblocker can work as a stand-alone device or in combination with a barrier or a conventional gate. The roadblockers can optionally be equipped with lights for extra safety in dark conditions. In the road, roadblockers are one of the best defence systems for your location when controlled access is desired. Whether you need a simple, economical up and down roadblocker for a relatively low volume usage or a heavy-duty anti-terrorist roadblocker for frequent use, Bavak is your supplier. Bavak has more than 40 years of experience with roadblocking technology. The Bavak roadblockers are available in different heights and widths and can be used in and on any road surface.


For when we look at the regular physical security of the so-called outer ring, we encounter various different solutions. If there is a possibility to place these, Bavak offers a very wide range of bollards. These bollards look aesthetically precise on regular ‘poles’ with as a difference that the Bavak bollards are delivered in various crash-rating classifications. This protection is against crashes of vehicles, such as cars and trucks. There are also bollards that can be provided with an aesthetic “sleeve” of your choice. With this sleeve they fit completely into the street scene and by doing so they’ll not stand out. Also a design with, for example flowerbeds or street furniture is possible to be placed in combination with the bollards and by doing so it with be camouflaged in the environment.

Drone Detection

When we look at security from a professional perspective, we can divide the security for any perimeter and surrounding into different rings. In the past this was in 2D, but nowadays there is also a threat that emanates from drones. So these days we speak about 3D-security, as the most recent threat to be taken into account comes from above. Bavak offers very professional solutions to answer this drone threat. These drone-detection systems are for sale and in case of temporary need for rent. Meanwhile this solution has proven its success multiple times.

Arm Barriers

There are various locations which need ‘secure’ solutions for parking management. Bavak offers a variety of solutions. For example arm-barriers. The Bavak arm-barriers are very suitable for access control and are a cost-conscious, simple solution to (temporarily) close off almost every area. The arm-barriers are usually used in a complete plan to limit traffic. Most arm-barriers are available in special versions and can be adapted in various forms, which is why Bavak arm-barriers are most often delivered as customized to your needs.


For controlled opening and closing of any environment you can use a Bavak Speedgate. A Speedgate is an electromechanically driven gate consisting of panels that open simultaneously on two sides. Each side consists of a ‘driven panel’ and a so-called ‘follower panel’. There are numerous versions of Bavak speed gates, as we do not believe in one-fits-all. Bavak truly believes in the fact that every situation is unique and therefore needs an unique approach. The biggest common denominator is that they are all developed according to the same principles. Namely reliability, quality and sustainability. Bavak offers four different high-tech gates, all with a low total cost of ownership.

The system can be operated with access control systems and must be secured with detection loops and photocells. Bavak Security Group offers the optimal solution for virtually all access control and parking application needs.

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The specialists at Bavak know the products and solutions well and have been successful implementing and integrating the security for the critical infrastructure for years. In this way there is a lot of expertise available to make it easier for our customers. It is also possible that Bavak fully supports your project, up to extensive project management. This ensures that you will achieve the best results with the integration. As a full-service system integrator, our employees can explain all benefits and possibilities like no other.

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